2022 Ontario Provincial Election


As a non-partisan association, OPSBA advocates for and represents the voice of our public school boards on the diverse range of issues that affect students and communities, regardless of which political party forms government.

Throughout the provincial election campaign, OPSBA is encouraging parents, students, seniors, and other members of school communities to learn about the issues impacting Ontario’s public schools, before Election Day on June 2, 2022.

Education Day 2022 – May 18

OPSBA declared May 18 as Education Day in Ontario. Government policies affect the world our children and youth will inherit tomorrow. They affect their opportunities to get a good education today. The provincial government decides what is taught in our schools and how much of our Provincial taxes are used to pay for education. The future of the province depends on high quality, publicly-funded education. This affects you — whether or not you have children in the school system. The June 2 election will have far-reaching effects. As a voter and citizen of Ontario, it is in your interest to know where the candidates stand on the issues. So get involved.

Education Day is a non-partisan event and is coordinated by local public school trustees and the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association.

    Additional Resources

    OPSBA has also reached out to the four main parties – the Progressive Conservatives, New Democrats, Liberals, and Greens – represented in the Ontario Legislature with a questionnaire on six key education issues this election. Replies will be posted here as they come in:

    Questionnaire Responses – New Democratic Party, Liberal Party, Green Party

    Elections Ontario

    Letter from Chief Medical Officer of Health re: Elections

    SPACE Coalition – Party responses to election questions regarding Community Use of Schools

    Party Websites and Platforms