About Us

The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association represents English public district school boards and public school authorities across Ontario, which together serve more than 1.3 million public elementary and secondary students. The Association advocates on behalf of the best interests and needs of the public school system in Ontario. OPSBA is seen as the credible voice of public education in Ontario and is routinely called on by the provincial government for input and advice on legislation and the impact of government policy directions.

Our Mission and Beliefs

OPSBA is a member of the Canadian School Boards Association​.

Constitution and By-laws​​

OPSBA was created in 1988 because of the need for public school boards to cooperate on issues of mutual concern and benefit. The Association created and adopted a Constitution and By-laws. Over the years, amendments to OPSBA’s Constitution and By-laws have been adopted to address the legal and political changes to education in the province of Ontario.

Read the OPSBA Constitution and By-laws​​​

​About Us: Ontario’s Public Education System (as of October 2020)

Student Enrolment Province
(All four publicly-funded systems)
OPSBA Member Boards (incl. French public schools)
Elementary 1,393,984 958,705
Secondary 606,379 402,704
Total 2,000,363 1,361,409
Number of Schools
Elementary 3,569 2,317
Secondary 875 593
Total 4,444 2,910
Instructional Staff
Teachers 130,624 88,344
TAs (including ECEs) 35,997 23,428
Professional 19,387 13,070
School Administration 16,655 11,479
Coordinators 2,428 1,583
Total 205,090 137,903
Non-Instructional Staff
​Trustees ​773 ​382
Central Administration 5,225 3,402
Transportation 232 159
Operations & Maintenance 19,281 13,516
Non-Operating 877 601
Total 26,472 18,145
Total Staff 231,562 156,048