Guidelines for OPSBA Awards Jurying

Given the high profile accorded to candidates for OPSBA awards throughout the educational community and the time constraints for the jurying selection process, it is recognized that it is not possible to acquire jurors without prior association with candidates for the OPSBA awards. In order to ensure impartiality, and to remove potential allegations of bias in the selection process, jurors are asked to abide by the following guidelines:

I. Nomination Material

Jurying decisions are to be made on the basis of written nominational material submitted for each candidate, received by the submission deadline, prior to the selection process. Additional material, submitted after the deadline, and audio visual material are inadmissible, and should not be introduced. It is the judges’ responsibility to review the complete nomination submissions thoroughly, prior to the jurying process, to ensure a fair and impartial judgement.

II. Award Selection Criteria

Judges will uphold the selection criteria as defined in the terms of reference for the awards, contained in the OPSBA Awards package, to ensure fair and impartial judgement. It is expected that judges will not show bias toward the selection of a candidate because of allegiance to a board, region or constituency.

III. Declaration of Partiality

Judges for OPSBA awards do not specifically represent the interests of a specific constituency, region, nominator or candidate. Should a judge feel bound by the nomination of a candidate from their board or region, or by a personal commitment, that judge is expected to declare his or her partiality and to refrain from advocating on behalf of a candidate due to prior allegiance. Prior to the process of selection of a winner, the chair will remind judges that they are expected to refrain from partiality toward any particular candidate. If impartiality is not possible, the chair may ask that the individual consider withdrawing from the selection process.

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