Effective Relationships and Sustainable Resourcing

​​​​​Our Vision

OPSBA works with members, partners, the government and federations/unions to ensure that fiscal and human resources match school board needs and priorities.

​Our advocacy consistently focuses on the specific needs of our Member Boards to ensure all students are fully supported. Our available Education Funding information is sorted into the following categories:

  • OPSBA Reports – A repository of education finance reports that have been developed by OPSBA staff on a variety of issues.
  • Provincial Government Reports – Links to important provincial government reports such as provincial budgets and grant regulations.
  • Energy – Updates and news on energy-related matters in Ontario.
  • Copyright – Updates and news on matters relating to copyright in Canada and Ontario.
  • Student Transportation​ – Updates and news on student transportation-related matters in Ontario.

B and SB Memoranda

The Ministry of Education communicates information that will affect OPSBA Member Boards’ financial policies and financial administration through ‘B’ and ‘SB’ memoranda. ‘B’ memoranda are issued to school boards to provide direction on funding policy and other financial matters. ‘SB’ memoranda are issued to school boards to provide administrative information and provide clarification on financial matters.

Latest Updates​​