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Beyond Daily Physical Activity

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For more information on Sparking Life, visit www.sparkinglife.org.

For results from Eastdale Secondary School’s pilot year, visit www.niagararegion.ca/living/health_wellness/healthylifestyles/spark-life/PDF/FinalEvaluationReport.pdf.

Brain Gains: Better Grades Through Fitness [television documentary]. Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, The National, April 23, 2009, www.youtube.com/watch?v=-nkL6p02FF0.

Award-winning Canadian French-Language Mobile Apps for Kids

www.appolearning.com and www3.tfo.org/apps

In May, two Canadian children’s iPad apps were honoured by AppoLearning, a popular U.S.-based educational Web site. Mini TFO and La Cible, both ranked among the top five in their respective age categories, were created by Groupe Média TFO, Ontario’s French-language public television broadcaster, and are designed to help students perfect their French-language skills. Mini TFO (free) is geared for early learners and La Cible (99 cents) is for middle school students. AppoLearning, a division of Appolicious Inc., features quality iPad apps chosen by a global panel of education experts.

Listen, I Read: Social Justice for Students



In 2011, the Canadian Teachers’ Federation piloted Listen, I Read, a program designed to engage students in social justice and create socially responsible citizens. Operated under the banner of Imagineaction, the program brings winners of the Governor General’s Literary Awards into the classroom, where they discuss their work. Students then use their own creativity to respond to the themes of the book they have read and discussed. Listen, I Read – 2nd edition was run earlier in 2013. Registration is open to all Canadian educators.

Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers


An awards program that honours outstanding volunteer service is available to young people ages 15 to 24. Launched in 1998, the Ontario Medal for Young Volunteers is administered by the Ministry of Citizenship and Culture and is awarded annually to up to 10 people who have made an outstanding contribution to their community through a volunteer project. The deadline for nominations is January 31, and the award is presented by Ontario’s lieutenant governor the following April.

Canadian Apprenticeship Forum


The Canadian Apprenticeship Forum Web site is the source for information, policy and research on apprenticeship in Canada. The site promotes the importance of apprenticeships in creating a strong workforce in the skilled trades as well as the value of this career option to young people. A series of articles and guides in PDF format under the Resources and Tools tab provide potential employers with a wide range of practical information. The forum also publishes the Canadian Apprenticeship Journal, a publication for researchers, policy analysts, educators and practitioners in the field. The journal is also located under the Resources and Tools tab.

Stay in School Until Age 18


A recent article by two University of Toronto economics researchers supports the theory that students do better in life when they stay in school until age 18. “Staying in School: A Proposal for Raising High-School Graduation Rates” names a series of personal, economic and societal benefits that are achieved when students earn at least a high school graduation diploma. It also suggests that more efforts are needed – starting in the early years – to keep students engaged in their education.

The article ran in the Winter 2013 edition of Issues in Science and Technology, published by the National Academy of Sciences, the National Academy of Engineering, the Institute of Medicine and the University of Texas at Dallas.

The Winter 2013 issue is found under the Back Issues tab.