Update your voter information this Provincial Voter Registration Month

2021 3/3 | Connects Page, Education Partner News, Elections

March is Provincial Voter Registration Month (PVRM) in Ontario! After a year with a heightened focus on democracy and elections, get prepared for the next provincial election, scheduled to be held on or before June 2, 2022, and add, confirm or update your information on the voters list using Elections Ontario’s online eRegistration tool.

Why register?
If registered, once a provincial election is called, you will receive information about when, where and how to vote in the mail.

Who can register?
You can confirm, add or update your information to eRegistration if you are:

  • 18 years of age of older;
  • A Canadian citizen; and
  • A resident of Ontario.

Have you recently moved?
If you may have already signed up on the voters list, but moved since the last election, remember to update your mailing address or you will not receive your voter information card in the mail.

What if I’m under 18?
If you are 16 or 17 years old, a Canadian citizen and live in Ontario, you can sign up to be on the Ontario Register of Future Voters. Once registered, you will automatically be added to the voters list when you turn 18 and receive a voter information card when the next election is called. Get on the register early at elections.on.ca/futurevoters.

For more information: Call 1-888-668-8683 or email info@elections.on.ca