OPSBA in the Media – October 2018

2018 10/15 | Connects Page, OPSBA in the Media

Province looking for clear rules on service dogs in schools
Kristin Rushowy, The Star, Oct. 30, 2018
Ontario school boards need to have clear, consistent policies when it comes to students’ service dogs — instead of the patchwork that now exists, says Education Minister Lisa Thompson.

Toronto District School Board poised for major turnover
Isabel Teotonio, The Star, Oct. 22, 2018
The Toronto District School Board is poised for a major turnover following Monday’s elections because about half of its trustees are newly-elected.

OPSBA Media Release, OPSBA statement regarding seat belts on school buses, Oct. 15, 2018

Pressure increases on Ontario to ban vaping displays to protect teens from addiction
Rob Ferguson, The Star, Oct. 12, 2018
Pressure increased on the Ontario government to ban displays of vaping gear in convenience stores, where they can be seen by children and teens, as hearings on a bill setting the rules for sales of cannabis and vapour products drew to a close.