OPSBA in the Media – November 2021

2021 11/2 | Connects Page, OPSBA in the Media

Ontario school boards can return to regular semester models in February
CBC Radio, Ottawa Morning – Nov. 22, 2021
After teachers and students voiced their concerns about the modified semester model – Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced that students and teachers can get back to a regular semester model in the New Year.
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‘Hollywood knows two and a half hours is almost too long for a movie’
CBC News – Nov. 21, 2021
Ontario Public School Boards’ Association President Cathy Abraham explains why she feels boards should be having conversations about bringing students back to normal scheduling.
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Many teens still struggling with condensed school schedules, but relief is coming — for some
CBC News – Nov. 21, 2021
Graeme Hopkins had never imagined failing a class, so it came as a shock when it happened last year as he was struggling with his modified high-school schedule.
“I had no idea really how to react or how to process it,” said the Grade 12 student at Evan Hardy Collegiate in Saskatoon.

School COVID cases and outbreaks in Durham are rising: What you need to know
DurhamRegion.com – Nov. 20, 2021
The number of active school COVID-19 cases and outbreaks in Durham continues to increase. The numbers have been steadily rising after a significant drop earlier in the month. Here’s what you need to know:

Ontario high schools allowed to return to regular semesters in February
Canadian Press – Nov. 18, 2021
Ontario high schools will shift back to regular semesters no later than February, returning secondary students to a normal schedule for the first time since the onset of the pandemic.
School boards will be able to make the change sooner if they have their local public health unit’s support, Education Minister Stephen Lecce announced Thursday.
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Ottawa Catholic School Board welcomes return of regular semesters for secondary school students
CTV News Ottawa – Nov. 18, 2021
OTTAWA — The Ottawa Catholic School Board is welcoming news secondary school students will shift back to regular semesters in February, with students taking four classes a day instead of two.

Ontario high schools will return to regular semesters for winter term
The Globe and Mail – Nov. 18, 2021
Ontario’s high-school students will return to a regular semester system for the winter term, amid concerns about pupil engagement and teacher burnout under the current model. Since the last academic year, schools have been following revised schedules designed to limit the spread of COVID-19.

Union leader welcomes return to semester system
North Bay Nugget – Nov. 18, 2021
Near North teachers and students are ready to return to some sense of normalcy, according to the president of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation District 4.

Ontario to allow normal high school semesters; 11 million rapid COVID-19 tests to be offered to elementary and secondary students for holidays
Ottawa Citizen – Nov. 18, 2021
Ontario’s two million elementary and secondary students will be offered rapid COVID-19 tests to take home during the Christmas holidays, the province says.

Ontario giving students rapid COVID-19 tests to take home over holiday break
The Toronto Star – Nov. 18, 2021
Ontario students will spend the winter break taking tests — COVID-19 tests.
Five rapid tests are to be sent home for the holidays with every public school pupil — for a total of 11 million — to be used twice a week during their time off and before they return to class in January, as the colder weather hits and families gather indoors.

Teachers, students frustrated by continuation of quadmester system
The National – Nov. 16, 2021
During the pandemic, many high schools moved from semesters to quadmesters, and even quintmesters, to limit the contact between students. But there are growing complaints from students and teachers about the lengthy classes and condensed schedules.

Two and a half hours of biology? Extra-long high school classes have Ontario students and teachers asking for change
National Post – Nov. 14, 2021
Two and a half hours is on the lengthy side for a Hollywood blockbuster movie.
It’s a very long time to concentrate on high-school biology or English, say Purnima Robinson and Isabel Ransom, friends in Grade 11 at Glebe Collegiate.

OPSBA Cathy Abraham discusses semester models (skip ahead to 47:34)
CTV Your Morning – Nov. 3, 2021
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Ontario Public School Boards Association calls to end modified semesters
CBC Radio, Here and Now – Nov. 2, 2021
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Durham school board calls for an end to controversial quadmesters
Durham Region News – Nov. 2, 2021
Durham District School Board officials are advocating for high schools to move back to a semester system in February saying the quadmester model is taking a toll on students and teachers.

Ontario school boards association calls for end to modified semesters
Global News Radio, 640 Toronto – Nov. 2, 2021
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‘All the students are drained’: Ontario boards want Stephen Lecce to end modified semesters at high schools
The Toronto Star – Nov. 1, 2021
Ontario school boards are asking the province to move back to a normal semester for high school students in the new year, saying the current “modified” model is not working for teens — or teachers.