Moving Forward with Elementary Teachers


 Toronto, February 12, 2009- The decision by the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) to accept a $700 million funding package is good news for elementary teachers, students and their parents.

ETFO’s positive move on this four-year proposal means improved staffing levels, additional teacher preparation time and a 10.4% salary increase for elementary teachers. With OPSBA and ETFO now both in accord with the Minister of Education’s final Provincial Discussion Table (PDT) offer, local negotiations can now continue to move forward with optimism.

“To say the public boards are pleased is an understatement,” said Loralea Carruthers, Vice President of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association. “The Minister’s proposal was fair and respectful of the crucial and challenging jobs of teachers. ETFO has seized a vital opportunity.”

The Minister and OPSBA took extraordinary steps this week to resolve an impasse. This was done for the sake of elementary children. ETFO has now joined this positive step forward. As we proceed with local bargaining, the interests of our students must remain the first priority for all parties. This is what parents expect of us and what students deserve.

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