Michael Barrett Elected President of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association


The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA) is pleased to announce that Michael Barrett has been elected as President of OPSBA at a meeting held on September 22, 2012. As OPSBA’s new President, Michael brings to the role a depth of experience both in public service and in the world of business. His strong education background, his commitment, and deep knowledge of the province’s school system will contribute to the strength of public education in the province of Ontario.

Michael Barrett is committed to working successfully with trustees, students, parents, school boards and the provincial government to focus on those areas in the education system that require improvement, develop solutions that work for students, and strengthen public confidence in Ontario’s schools.

“I am committed to supporting every public school board trustee in the province in the vital role they undertake on behalf of Ontario students and their families,” said Michael Barrett. “As individual advocates for public education, we are all invested in creating the conditions that make a better world for our students and our society. Trustees are on the front line, working closely with local communities, living that commitment every day and Ontario is the better for it.”

Michael, a trustee from the Durham District School Board, will be supported in his position as President of OPSBA by 1st Vice-President Lori Lukinuk from the Lakehead District School Board and 2nd Vice-President Mark Bailey from the Upper Grand District School Board. Lori Lukinuk and newly-elected Vice-President, Mark Bailey, will provide strong educational leadership, progressive ideas and focused energy to the Association’s commitment to student success.

In addition to the President, two Vice-Presidents, OPSBA’s Executive Council includes: Louise Clodd, Vice-President, Central East Region, (Trillium Lakelands District School Board); Peggy Sattler, Vice-President, Western Region, (Thames Valley District School Board); Graham Lidstone, Vice-President, Northern Region, (Algoma District School Board); David Shields, Vice-President, Eastern Region, (Renfrew County District School Board); and Howard Goodman, Vice-President (Enrolment), (Toronto District School Board).

OPSBA’s First Nations Director Peter Garrow, trustee with Upper Canada District School Board, who brings a depth of experience, commitment and knowledge to the role, will continue to strengthen public education for First Nation students and foster broader perspectives for all students.

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For more information, please contact:
Jeff Sprang
OPSBA Communications
(416) 340-2540