Guidelines for School Trip Preparedness from the Near North DSB

2023 5/29 | Connects Page, Education Program and Policy, School Board News

On May 26, the Near North District School Board showcased its outdoor school trip preparedness (STP) administrative guidelines, partnering with Nipissing University, during a Ministry of Education webinar on outdoor education for teachers.

An STP guideline is a comprehensive, visual “infomercial” for parents, administration and the community meant to inform on all aspects of a school trip. It includes links to the curricula, OPHEA guidelines, a transportation plan, maps and map links, mustering areas, risk identification and safety measures. For more, see the links below:

NNDSB Guidelines (see #17)

Nipissing University – Extended Learning PD for teachers

Media Story on school trip preparedness

For more information, contact OPSBA at inquiry@opsba.org to be put in touch with relevant staff at the NNDSB and Ministry of Education.