October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Canada

2022 9/30 | Connects Page, Education Partner News

October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month in Canada.  Many school boards in Ontario are working on developing better cyber-resiliency in their staff and students, but you’re not alone!  The Information & Communication Technology Council has partnered with the Knowledge Flow Cybersafety Foundation to produce CyberDay on October 18, 2022.

CyberDay is the culmination of partnerships between educators, industry experts, government legislators, researchers, law enforcement officers, lawyers, privacy activists and many others.  These experts have developed vetted resources and will be bringing you information directly from the many people working to keep Canada safe online.  Cybersafety is a team sport, and CyberDay is a chance to open discussions, raise awareness in our staff, students, and their families about the importance of cybersafety in our interconnected world.

There are even opportunities to interact with people whose jobs are usually only seen in movies.  Curious about what life is like as a white hat hacker, or what it’s like to work in the Canadian Forces or even in CSIS in cyber-defence?  Students have an opportunity to ask these questions on the CyberDay site and receive video responses from professionals working in these exciting fields.

Cybersafety can seem like a scary topic to bring up in class, but CyberDay reminds us that cybersafety is a team sport.  Join us on October 18 and help make Canada cybersafe!

For more information, contact Timothy King t.king@ictc-ctic.ca.  To sign up for CyberDay, visit http://cyberday.ca/