CSBA Congress 2016, July 6-9

2016 5/19 | Connects Page, Education Partner News, OPSBA Events, Trustee PD

Manitoba School Trustees look forward to welcoming you to the Canadian School Boards Association 2016 Congress and the National Trustee Gathering on Aboriginal Education which will be held from July 6 to 9 in Winnipeg.

Reflections of our Future, National Trustee Gathering on Aboriginal Education, Winnipeg, Manitoba, July 6 – 7

If we look closely enough, we can see tomorrow in the faces of our children. Those faces reflect kids’ present day realities, their aspirations, and their challenges. If our schools are places where all children feel a sense of belonging and welcome, places where they find meaning in their day-to-day experiences, we are building a stronger tomorrow. Delegates to the 2016 National Trustee Gathering on Aboriginal Education will hear from inspirational keynote speakers, and learn about successful programs from across Canada that are contributing to brighter futures for all students, but especially Aboriginal children and youth.

Courageous Leadership, CSBA Congress 2016, Winnipeg, Manitoba July 7 – 9

Courage can be synonymous with bravery in the face of physical danger, but can also be much more than that. When paired with leadership, courage often means a moral or intellectual mindset that confers the strength and willingness to do the right thing in the face of hardship, opposition or adversity. At the 2016 Canadian School Boards Association Congress, delegates will explore what it means to be courageous in the context of their role as school board members and leaders in their communities.

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