Cain-Green Report Insightful on School Funding Issues


Toronto, October 17, 2006- The Ontario Public School Boards’ Association commends the Cain-Green report for its transparent deconstruction of the financial environment within which school boards work and for its respectful analysis of the specific challenges within the Toronto District School Board. OPSBA applauds the report’s focus on “making the best use of resources to serve the goal of high student achievement.”

The report identifies the legal responsibilities of school boards to plan for a balanced budget. At the same time, it offers a history and set of contexts including governance structures that influence decision-making not just for the TDSB but for many school boards in the province.

Mr. Cain and Ms Green have offered a thoughtful, comprehensive report that has been described by TDSB Chair Sheila Ward as “a template that will allow us to balance our budget over the next two years without damaging programs and without onerous staff layoffs.” OPSBA is pleased that the report is respectful of the democratic role of trustees and that it highlights solutions both inside and outside the Board, including those solutions that lie with the Ministry of Education.

“OPSBA acknowledges the hard work that TDSB trustees and staff have to engage in as they move to accept the report’s recommendations,” said OPSBA president Rick Johnson. “As the largest school board in the Province, the TDSB plays a very significant role in the future of public education.”

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