Welcome to our new website!


Welcome to the new OPSBA website, offering more diverse opportunities for the sharing of information via text, photo, video and links. This site is a key part of our mission to provide services and benefits that help our member boards to fulfill their mandates and will help ensure we are able to advocate for the roles of trustees and school boards to the government, the public and our school communities across Ontario.

Our informative news service Fast Reports has been re-branded to “OPSBA Connects”, and will provide more frequently updated and easily navigable access to Ontario education news, announcements and briefings. OPSBA Connects can be found here.

The important education policy content you’ve come to expect from opsba.org is still available and can be found under the Advocacy and Action section.

The website’s new search function allows users to find documents, news releases, policy papers and webpage content faster and with more ease. Try it out now in the top right corner of the screen.

We hope you enjoy the new OPSBA web experience! Stay tuned in coming days and weeks as new content is added as it becomes available.