OPSBA statement on the continuation of elementary virtual learning in southern Ontario


In mid-December, we stated that “with case numbers and ICU admissions continuing to rise, it is important to take all necessary steps to slow the spread of the virus.” That statement still applies.

The importance of following the expert advice of our provincial and local public health officials cannot be understated given the continued increases in confirmed COVID-19 cases across Ontario. As we continue to learn and adapt to the present situation, we must also be seeking to mitigate the impacts that increased screen time and a lack of face-to-face social interaction with peers and adults outside of the home will have on students’ mental health, learning progress, and development. In many ways, the importance of public education has never been more evident.

We fully recognize that parents and families are dealing with a lot right now. Many of our teachers and education workers are also parents and are doing double duty at home. Their contributions are appreciated by all involved in public education.

While each of us may be tackling different challenges during the pandemic, it has not been easy on anyone. There is a light approaching at the end of this months-long tunnel, and we need to come together to ensure our collective health and safety and help our students get back to where they belong – in the classroom.

– Cathy Abraham, President