Petition to the House of Commons regarding Bill C-241


​OPSBA, through the Canadian School Boards Association (CSBA), is supporting Bill C-241, An Act to amend the Excise Tax Act (school authorities). This proposed bill would amend the Excise Tax Act so as to increase the goods and services tax rebate rate for school authorities from 68% to 100%.

School boards across the country are funded through provincial government grants and, to some degree, through federal transfer payments. While funding levels may vary slightly from province to province, the range is between 85% and 100% government grants-based. This funding is tax-generated. Therefore, charging the GST on school board purchases means that the federal government is, in effect, adding a layer of taxation. This form of double taxation costs school boards millions of dollars, makes no sense, and takes money away from the classrooms where it belongs. To read the full CSBA letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, click here.

To support Bill C-241, Petition e-389 has been published and will be open for signature online for 120 days.

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