Education Today Summer 2013 Highlights



Rebuilding Trust in Public Education

By Tamara Baluja

Writer Tamara Baluja speaks with key education leaders for their views on how to rebuild trust and create positive change in public education following the labour disputes in 2012-13.

The High Cost of Losing Extracurriculars

By John Schofield

If one thing has been made very clear from the events of this past school year, it is that extracurricular activities are much more than just clubs and sports teams. They provide health benefits, help to forge deep friendships and can serve as guideposts to a future career. This article explores what is lost when we lose extracurriculars.

Teaching Gardens

By Saul Chernos

The phrase “teaching garden” conjures up images of students planting, weeding and harvesting, and enjoying the fruits of their labours. Author Saul Chernos discovers that Ontario’s public schools are redefining their teaching garden programs to offer an astonishing variety of learning opportunities for students.

Honing Skills for a Competitive Workplace

By Sapna Goel

If you are a student, whether this summer marks the end of a school year or graduation from high school, the next task you’ll face is finding employment. Sapna Goel shares some resources and advice from human resource experts that will help you with your job search or career plan.