Education Today Spring 2015 Highlights



Cover Story:
New Tools and Training Promote Early Learning Collaboration

By Jennifer Lewington

In 2013, the Ministry of Education released a curriculum document designed to help teachers and early childhood educators work in tandem. Journalist Jennifer Lewington examines the impact of this document, as well as other recent Ministry supports, and takes a close look at the myriad ways the education system is able to provide care for students and their families.

Building Community and Engaging Parents

By Kim Arnott

School councils have had a government-mandated role within the education for more than a decade. Kim Arnott looks at how these groups have evolved from the old Home and School Associations and what the future holds for them.

Working with the Media – Part 2
Tips for Trustees

By Tamara Baluja

In the second installment of the Working with the Media series, practical media advice is presented for new and experienced school board trustees.

Liberate the Library
As this space becomes a tech hub, it can be a catalyst for digital learning

By Stuart Foxman

Libraries – in particular school libraries – have traditionally been the domain of books, whispered conversations and silence. Stuart Foxman investigates how technology is changing all that and redefining the library’s essential function within the school.

Unravelling the Biology of Behaviour

By Angie Rosati

“Temperament shapes a child’s daily actions, response to stress and ability to adapt as conditions change,” writes Angie Rosati, a professor in Sheridan College’s early childhood education program. In this article, she explains the importance of understanding children’s temperament in planning for productive classrooms.